Oda Nobuna’s Ambition Season 1 Episode 10

While many clans have accepted Yoshimoto as the new Shogun, there are still some who refuses to acknowledge her, particular those allied with the Miyoshi Three. Despite having Danjyou as their ally, they don’t have enough proof to arrest the ringleaders of the Miyoshi Three. Because the Asai and Asakura clans are allies, Nobuna decides to attack Wakasa rather than Echizen to scare the Asakuras rather than risk provoking the Asais. Meanwhile in Ōmi, Nobusumi discovers that Nagamasa is a woman, having forced to hide her gender because her father Hisamasa refuses to accept a woman as a Daimyo. Nobusumi comforts Nagamasa that she can act like a woman when she’s with him since he’s her husband. As the Oda army and their allies crosses Ōmi to attack Wakasa, Yoshiharu stays in Kyoto to care a sick Hanbē. When Yoshiharu mentions how in his timeline, the Asai clan betrayed the Oda’s after they attack Echizen, Hanbē realize Nobuna’s true goal is to launch a surprise attack on Echizen after conquering Wakasa. And if the Asai/Asakura clans launched an attack now, Nobuna’s forces will be trapped. As Yoshiharu goes to warn Nobuna with Zenki, Hisamasa has Nagamasa imprisoned to take over the clan and join Yoshikage against Nobuna. Nobusumi escapes to warn Yoshiharu of the Asai’s treachery who uses his warning as proof to his sister Nobuna that the Asai’s have betrayed them. Realizing it was her fault that lead them to be surrounded, Nobuna wants to surrender but her retainers refuses as she will be killed and her dreams for Japan would be for naught. For the whole Oda army to escape safely through Kanegasaki valley, someone has to be sacrificed to lead the rearguard to hold off the Asai/Asakura forces which Yoshiharu volunteers against Nobuna’s wishes. With Yoshiharu, Hanzō, Goemon’s men and 500 soldiers holding off their enemies, Nobuna is convinced to escape after Nagahide assures her that Yoshiharu will come back alive. But as she rides to retreat, Nobuna is shot.

Episode Title: Nobuna in Grave Danger

Air Date: 2012-09-10