Oda Nobuna’s Ambition Season 1 Episode 12

As the Oda forces attack Hiei, Nobuna charges in to kill Sakihisa. As Imai, Louis and Inuchiyo explains everything to Hanbē since she was sick, she realizes Yoshiharu is still alive thanks to Hanzō and Zenki faking his death. While Dōsan and Motoyasu men searches for Yoshiharu, Jubei, who survived her fall, finds the injured Yoshiharu and mend his wounds. Much to Gousei’s horror, Sakihisa has ordered explosions detonated around Hiei to not only trap Nobuna in the fire but to blame the incident on Nobuna to make the people turn against her. After being knocked out by one of the explosions, Nobuna remembers her promise to Yoshiharu to never become a ruthless leader and vows to not let her desire for revenge control her. With the mountain on fire and Sakihisa having betrayed them, Tsuda and Gousei reveals everything to Hanbē while the Asakura army abandons Sakihisa. Nagahide, Danjyou and Katsuie holds off Yoshitatsu to allow Nobuna to face off against Sakihisa. As they fight, Sakihisa angrily tells Nobuna that he won’t allow a lowly Daimyo like her to rule Japan as only those of noble blood like him are the destined ones to rule. But Nobuna counters that it is that system that has made the people of Japan suffer and she will end it. Nobuna defeats Sakihisa who is killed by a falling debris. Believing she is trapped, Nobuna accepts her end until Yoshiharu comes to the rescue. Thinking this is a dream, Nobuna almost allows Yoshiharu to kiss her until the others arrive which she angrily kicks him. Thanks to Hanbē’s water magic, the fire at Hiei is extinguished. As Nobuna and her forces return to Kyoto, they are given a heroes welcome. Despite this victory, there are still many rival warlords before Nobuna can unite Japan which Yoshiharu vows to stay and help her. The episode ends with the arrival of Shingen Takeda, Daimyo of Kai and her army.

Episode Title: Conquest

Air Date: 2012-09-24