Oda Nobuna’s Ambition Season 1 Episode 3

Dōsan’s son Yoshitatsu launches a coup d’état against his father for allying with Nobuna. Despite Nobuna’s wish to send reinforcements, everyone knows they cannot do it for it will allow the Daimyo of Suruga, Yoshimoto Imagawa, the opportunity to invade Owari. Meanwhile, the Daimyo of Oumi, Nagamasa Asai meets with Nobuna to propose an alliance between their clans which will allow her armies to help Dōsan while his armies protect her borders against the Imagawa clan in exchange she marries him. However, Yoshiharu and the others loathes Nagamasa as he threatens to ally with the Imagawas if Nobuna refuses and he does not care about her feelings and is only interested with the benefits he gains as her husband. Yoshiharu, Katsuie, Nagahide and Inuchiyo convinces Nobuna to decline his offer. Not soon after that, Mitsuhide arrives with Dōsan’s daughter Kichō, who Dōsan’s entrusts her well being and his dreams to Nobuna as he prepares for a last stand near a river. Katsuie is forced to knockout Nobuna to prevent her from doing anything rash. Not wishing to see Nobuna sad over Dōsan’s death, Yoshiharu, Goemon and a small group rescues Dōsan and his men as they escape to Owari from Yoshitatsu’s forces through the river. Despite Yoshitatsu attempts to kill them, they are force to retreat when the Oda army saves Yoshiharu’s group. As Nobuna berates Yoshiharu for his foolishness, everyone is soon informed that Yoshimoto and her army have invaded into Owari.

Episode Title: The Mino Disturbance

Air Date: 2012-07-23