Oda Nobuna’s Ambition Season 1 Episode 5

After forming an alliance with Motoyasu, the Oda army begin their attack to reclaim Mino from Yoshitatsu. However, their attempts are repeatedly thwarted by Hanbē Takenaka, an Onmyōji and Mino’s secret tactician. Dōsan’s tells Yoshiharu, Mitsuhide, Goemon and Inuchiyo where they can find Hanbē and convince Hanbē to join the Oda army. Upon reaching Hanbē’s home, they soon discover Nagamasa is there as well to convince Hanbē to join his side, hoping to use this to make Nobuna marry him. Yoshiharu and Nagamasa are greeted by a man claiming to be Hanbē who has them take a test that will convince him who’s side he will join. However, the test is a ruse as the man claiming to be Hanbē is Hanbē’s Shikigami familiar and the real Hanbē is a shy, young girl who hates violence. Meanwhile, Hanbē’s uncle is arrested by Yoshitatsu as he is suspicious on Hanbē refusal to come and swear loyalty in front of him and using battle strategies with the least amount of bloodshed and orders Hanbē to come to Inabayama castle or her uncle will be killed. Having a plan to save her uncle, Yoshiharu and Nagamasa accompany Hanbē to meet Yoshitatsu while Mitsuhide, Goemon and Inuchiyo rescue her uncle. Despite her pleas she will never betray him, Yoshitatsu refuses to believe Hanbē as he sees her strategies of sparing her enemies lives as treason. As Yoshiharu calls out Yoshitatsu for treating Hanbē horribly, his allies manage to rescue Hanbē’s uncle and attempt to escape. However, Yoshitatsu has taken Hanbē hostage which the frighten girl summons her familiars which defeat Yoshitatsu and his men. After finally escaping, Hanbē swears her loyalty to Yoshiharu after being touched by his kindness and his loyalty to achieve Nobuna’s dream.

Episode Title: Strategy of the Genius Tactician

Air Date: 2012-08-06