Oda Nobuna’s Ambition Season 1 Episode 7

Kyoto, the capital city of the Ashikaga shoguns, is attacked by a group of conspirators called The Miyoshi Three; Sakihisa Konoe, Soukyuu Tsuda and Gousei Shoukakuin. Yoshiharu is stumped when he learns, unlike his timeline’s history, Shogun Yoshiteru Ashikaga survived the attack at Kyoto and has fled Japan with Yoshiaki, his youngest sibling who is a girl in this timeline. Without an Ashikaga clan member, Nobuna cannot legitimately claim Kyoto but Mitsuhide suggests they make Yoshimoto the new Shogun as she is a relative of the Ashikagas. Nagamasa returns to Owari, begging Nobuna to marry him since he cannot return home until he does. After promising an alliance with no strings attached, Nobuna gives away her sister “Oichi” to be Nagamasa’s bride except “Oichi” is Nobusumi who is forced to dress up as a girl. As the Oda army and their allies marches west to Kyoto, defeating rival clans who opposed them, Yoshiharu, Hanbē, Goemon and Inuchiyo scout ahead to Kyoto to find Himiko, the Empress of Japan. With Kyoto in a state of lawlessness, Yoshiharu and Inuchiyo saves a young girl being kidnapped by bandits, who unknown to them is actually Himiko. Meanwhile, the Miyoshi Three are trying to find Himiko and stopping the Oda threat by sending Hisahide “Danjyou” Matsunaga to find Himiko and Yoshikage Asakura, the Daimyo of Echizen to deal with the Oda army with their new ally. As Himiko, Yoshiharu and Inuchiyo sees the death and suffering of the people in the city, they help Portuguese missionary Louis Frois and her bodyguard Bontenmaru from bandits. Learning from Louis who wishes to have permission to travel the country to help the suffering, Himiko, who has psychic powers and knows that Yoshiharu is from the future, asks him if the country will get better which he assures her it will and Nobuna will be the one to save it. Yoshiharu and Inuchiyo are stunned by a magic spell by Danjyou but Himiko saves their lives after promising Danjyou she will return to the royal palace. After reuniting with Hanbē and Goemon, Yoshiharu sends Himiko back to her home but not before he realizes who she is. Nobuna’s army finally arrives to Kyoto, restoring order to the city.

Episode Title: Nobuna Advances on Kyoto

Air Date: 2012-08-20