Phoenix: Eden17 Season 1 Episode 1

In the age of space exploration, Romi and her lover George flee a devastated Earth in search of a new world for just the two of them, settling on planet Eden17. However, it turns out to be a dead planet that was uninhabitable for the humans who had tried to settle there before, with hardly any water to be found and frequent earthquakes. They narrowly succeed in drilling for water, but George is lost in the process. Romi is left alone to raise Cain, the child she had with George. Despite her attempts to survive on the planet, it is clear that Cain will be left to die alone if she does not take action. Romi decides to enter a hibernation pod, promising Cain that they will reunite in thirteen years. However, a huge earthquake occurs right at that moment, and the pod malfunctions.

Episode Title: Cain

Air Date: 2023-09-13