Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid Season 1 Episode 4

Surrounded by Welter soldiers, Rain kisses Mirei to transform into the Disarmment Buster Arm that forces Exters out of their weapon states, while Lady J uses her skills as a motorcycle to fight back Charlotte and Kasumi. Just then, Akira Hiiragi, Welter’s governor and allegedly the only male on Mermaid, arrives to prove Mirei’s innocence, having encountered Meifon earlier, and recalls the troops, much to Charlotte’s ire. After Lady Lady take their leave, Mamori starts taking an interest in Akira, much to Mirei’s dismay, while Akira tells Kasumi about his interest in Lady Lady, who function differently from the usual Liberator partnership. Later that night, Mamori follows a vision of Akira into the jungle, unaware that it is an illusion set by one of Charlotte’s followers to try and put her in Arm form to kidnap her. However, Mirei arrives in the nick of time, managing to overcome her opponent’s mental attacks and defeat her.

Episode Title: Governor

Air Date: 2015-10-31