When Ruby Wax Met… Season 1 Episode 3

Ruby was never afraid to interview the notorious as well as the exalted. This episode looks at all aspects of fame, including those whose celebrity has since nosedived. Ruby flies to the Philippines to meet the infamous Imelda Marcos and track down her famous shoes, gets into a bath with Roseanne Barr and has a frightening encounter with Bill Cosby. Drew Barrymore explains how she survived the pitfalls of being a child star, Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss reveals the downside of unwanted fame – but not the names in her little black book – and Jim Carrey turns on the high-octane Hollywood charm. Finally Ruby discusses, with her daughters Maddy and Marina Bye, the impact fame has had on her life, and her struggle with mental illness.

Episode Title: Fame Over

Air Date: 2021-09-05