You Live in What? Season 3 Episode 2

Have you ever seen a home in a place you would never expect? That’s the premise of the popular reality TV series, “You Live in What?” Season 3 Episode 2, where the spotlight is on repurposed spaces that have been transformed into stunning homes beyond your imagination.

From a rowdy old tavern to a farm silo and a Manhattan church, this episode showcases some of the most unique and fascinating homes in the United States. While each one is different, what they have in common is a history and character that have been preserved and enhanced by their new owners.

If you’re a fan of architecture, interior design, or simply love to see creative ideas come to life, you don’t want to miss this episode. You’ll be amazed at the ingenuity and vision of the homeowners who turned these unconventional spaces into homes of their dreams.

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Episode Title: Farm, Church, Undercroft

Air Date: 2014-08-01