Jacquot 1991

If you love movies and musicals, then you don’t want to miss out on “Jacquot.” This is a heart-warming film that captures the childhood of the legendary French cineast Jacques Demy, and his passion for the world of cinema and the enchanting melodies of musicals.

Set in the late thirties, “Jacquot” narrates the story of a happy family that lives a simple life. Jacquot’s father runs a humble garage, while his mother works as a hairdresser. The family shares a love for singing and going to the movies, and Jacquot is especially fascinated by every kind of show – theatre, cinema, puppets.

Determined to pursue his dreams, Jacquot purchases a camera to start filming his first amateur movie. This film portrays the interesting journey he embarks on, as he relentlessly works to obtain filmmaking skills and chase his passion for the movies.

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Duration: 118


IMDb: 7.7