Highland Cops

Are you a fan of documentaries that involve thrilling crime-fighting action and picturesque sceneries? Then you’re in for a treat with “Highland Cops” – a police documentary that takes you on a wild ride through Britain’s biggest beat.

Covering a whopping 12,000 square miles of lochs, glens, islands, and mountains, this documentary follows Scotland’s finest police officers as they bravely navigate through challenging terrains to protect their communities from crime.

With modern-day crime-fighting technology and traditional ways of life coexisting, this documentary offers a fascinating glimpse into the unique policing methods of the Highlands.

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If you’re looking for an exciting documentary that showcases the bravery of the police officers in the Scottish Highlands, then “Highland Cops” is the perfect choice for you. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this thrilling ride.

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Genre: DocumentaryReality


TV Status: Returning Series


TMDb: 4